Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Safety While Fitting Worktops

I just finished writing an article for my website about Router Safety Rules. I went out with another kitchen fitter the other day and was shocked by the lack of health and safety awareness he had. Tools laying everywhere, hanging neck chain, no eye protection.. it was just a accident waiting to happen.

A lot of people who come on to my kitchen worktops website, people that are not fitters by trade and want to do a bit of Kitchen Worktop DIY. These people should have a good idea of health and safety practices before they undertake a kitchen worktop replacement project. If people in the trade are taking such a back seat I thought it was imperative to let the user of my site know the potential dangers involved.

Some are very guessable like wearing eye protection and don't touch the router blade etc... But I don't think people realise how easily things like having long hair and wearing dangling items such as ties can cause all sorts of serious accidents.

There are many hidden dangers in the kitchen at the best of times, So I would advise you to reed my guide. Click on the link above, But also read through any Safety material that is supplied with your tools.

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