Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ideas on how to refresh your Kitchen

Ideas on How to Refresh Your Kitchen

Giving you old kitchen a face lift does not need to break the bank. It can really be as cheap are expensive as you want it to be. This could mean just giving the paint work a touch up or even replacing the Kitchen Worktops or cabinets. I think the changes that give the most impact would be to change your kitchen worktops and doors.

You can keep all your existing units which would be the main cost of a complete refit. The good news is that most people kitchen units are fine. They generally outlast the doors and Kitchen Worktops and because they are not seen slight dis-colourations do not matter.

Changing your kitchen doors
There are usually two ways to go about changing your kitchen doors. If you are lucky you will have standard size units and then the worlds your Oyster. However, for most people this isn’t the case. This is because most older units did not come in standard sizes. The good news is there are company’s out there who will make kitchen doors to fit any size. In upcoming articles I will explain how to measure the doors correctly and how to go about choosing a company.

How about your kitchen worktops
This is a much simpler way of changing your kitchens look and feel. You can essentially pick what ever colour you want and go with it. You do however have a some choices when it comes to material. Again I will go into the advantages and disadvantages in another article but for now here are you choices.. Solid Wood, Laminates, Granite and Corian. All of these have advantages and disadvantages.

Paint Job
This is probably the cheapest option because firstly anyone can paint so you don't need to get a painter in(unless you want to) and paint in relatively inexpensive compared to the other options listed above. If your on a budget this could be your best choice.

You could choose all 3 and it will still work out cheaper than ripping everything out and starting again. In an average sized kitchen you could probably buy everything and get it fitted for around £2000 in comparison to a new fit that would be £7000 plus.

You can find plent of videos like the one below for example on you tube if you want to do the work yourself. 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Busy Month

Sorry for the lack of updates here but I have been busy updating my website and out fitting kitchen worktops. I've been focusing a lot more on local fits just recently as we have lost some online traffic due to some changes at google. In all honestly the way google swaps and changes postions make my blood boil. They favor websites that have keywords in the title or some of the major online retailers which seems to have very little inbound links to the inner pages but still have postion. Due to this I'm going to be making some change to my business and the way its heading. I think relying mainly on search traffic is a road to disaster and not a good idead to base a business on it.

I've made a few changes to Worktop Magic so hopefully there will be some change in position but if not we will just expand locally.