Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bathroom Colours

These days bathroom colours come in all shapes and sizes. With a small bath room it is important to choose bathroom colours that will enhance the room space. Choosing the wrong bathroom colours can make your room look smaller and more enclosed which is especially important when your Bathroom is on the smaller side.

Choosing light airy bathroom colours makes a room bright and will help it appear more spacious. Also by keeping things plain and simple and only having one bathroom colour you will keep your bathroom looking less busy and will also give the illusion of a bigger Bathroom.

For the exact same reason is it a good idea to stay away from the darker bathroom colours for a small bathroom. If you have the space, you can however be more adventurous and start looking at darker Bathroom furniture and wall/floor tiles.

As a general rule when picking bathroom tiles it is a good idea to go for tiles with a matt finish this allows for easier cleaning as smear marks are not left when cleaning also with this regard light bathroom colours will be even better. 
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