Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Ideas on how to refresh your Kitchen

Ideas on How to Refresh Your Kitchen

Giving you old kitchen a face lift does not need to break the bank. It can really be as cheap are expensive as you want it to be. This could mean just giving the paint work a touch up or even replacing the Kitchen Worktops or cabinets. I think the changes that give the most impact would be to change your kitchen worktops and doors.

You can keep all your existing units which would be the main cost of a complete refit. The good news is that most people kitchen units are fine. They generally outlast the doors and Kitchen Worktops and because they are not seen slight dis-colourations do not matter.

Changing your kitchen doors
There are usually two ways to go about changing your kitchen doors. If you are lucky you will have standard size units and then the worlds your Oyster. However, for most people this isn’t the case. This is because most older units did not come in standard sizes. The good news is there are company’s out there who will make kitchen doors to fit any size. In upcoming articles I will explain how to measure the doors correctly and how to go about choosing a company.

How about your kitchen worktops
This is a much simpler way of changing your kitchens look and feel. You can essentially pick what ever colour you want and go with it. You do however have a some choices when it comes to material. Again I will go into the advantages and disadvantages in another article but for now here are you choices.. Solid Wood, Laminates, Granite and Corian. All of these have advantages and disadvantages.

Paint Job
This is probably the cheapest option because firstly anyone can paint so you don't need to get a painter in(unless you want to) and paint in relatively inexpensive compared to the other options listed above. If your on a budget this could be your best choice.

You could choose all 3 and it will still work out cheaper than ripping everything out and starting again. In an average sized kitchen you could probably buy everything and get it fitted for around £2000 in comparison to a new fit that would be £7000 plus.

You can find plent of videos like the one below for example on you tube if you want to do the work yourself. 

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Busy Month

Sorry for the lack of updates here but I have been busy updating my website and out fitting kitchen worktops. I've been focusing a lot more on local fits just recently as we have lost some online traffic due to some changes at google. In all honestly the way google swaps and changes postions make my blood boil. They favor websites that have keywords in the title or some of the major online retailers which seems to have very little inbound links to the inner pages but still have postion. Due to this I'm going to be making some change to my business and the way its heading. I think relying mainly on search traffic is a road to disaster and not a good idead to base a business on it.

I've made a few changes to Worktop Magic so hopefully there will be some change in position but if not we will just expand locally.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Bathroom Colours

These days bathroom colours come in all shapes and sizes. With a small bath room it is important to choose bathroom colours that will enhance the room space. Choosing the wrong bathroom colours can make your room look smaller and more enclosed which is especially important when your Bathroom is on the smaller side.

Choosing light airy bathroom colours makes a room bright and will help it appear more spacious. Also by keeping things plain and simple and only having one bathroom colour you will keep your bathroom looking less busy and will also give the illusion of a bigger Bathroom.

For the exact same reason is it a good idea to stay away from the darker bathroom colours for a small bathroom. If you have the space, you can however be more adventurous and start looking at darker Bathroom furniture and wall/floor tiles.

As a general rule when picking bathroom tiles it is a good idea to go for tiles with a matt finish this allows for easier cleaning as smear marks are not left when cleaning also with this regard light bathroom colours will be even better. 
Remember to check out my Kitchen Worktops

Tuesday, 5 October 2010 deleted my account

OK So I got home today to find the another blog I kept on had been deleted. Not really sure why and all they do is send me an email with a link to the TOS. I Just make normal posts like here. I'm really anoyed because I've spent hours writign useful content that have just deleted and now I can't copy it to paste else where. Kinda sucks, its seem like all they want are blogs with no out going links and plaster your pages with advertising.

To those of you that use I would urge you to think about getting your own blog or more somewhere like Blogger!

I'll post back soon,


Friday, 1 October 2010

Will it ever stop raining?

So we got to the job for the day this morning and just a simple U shaped worktop replacement. Usually a bit of rain doesn't really stop us but today its been way to heavy and unfortunately has to re-schedule the job. Luckily we hadn't yet stripped out the old kitchen so didn't leave the customer with out water or something to cook on.

So instead of fitting Kitchen Worktops I'm sat here in front of my PC and thought I'd make a quick blog post. Our site has been quite busy for the last few days as one of our keywords for the site has got to number 1. Well, 1 or 2 it seems to be changing by the minute which is very frustrating.

This week I've been working on a few more article to add a bit more content for users, you can see my new article on Kitchen Shelves, Cutting Worktops and Used Cookers.

If your stuck on a subject or would like me to write son something particular leave me a msg in the comments.

Its been a long week and I'm really looking forward to the weekend, I Will try and make another post towards the end of next week.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Looking forward to my holiday!

Hey guys, I'm excited because I've just booked up my holiday for next year. Although its a long way off, well May seems long way off when you have to get through the Winter first. I'm going on holiday with my girlfriend and her family on a cruise. I'm just hoping I do not get sea sick as I do on small boats. I've been looking at the pictures and the boat looks more like a floating hotel anyway.

I've been busy working on the Worktop Magic website this week.  For those of you thinking about fitting your own kitchen worktops make sure you check my Worktop Edging article I've also added some information about Kitchen Drawers Let me know what you think about the articles and tell me if you think I need to add more content.  I'm hoping to add some more pictures shortly. I added some videos to you tube the other day, I'll post them below one is for joining the worktops with BB complete and the other is another short video on how to router worktops, demonstrating on how you must always cut into the rolled edge.

Friday, 3 September 2010

What a Week! Would forget my head if it wasn't scewed on :)

This week has not been without its tests. As usual if something is going to go wrong is usually does on a Friday. I got to my worktop fit for the day and realised I had left my silicon gun at home, not a good idea when you are the other side of the city. Luckily my customer had a spare which meant I didn't have to go by one from a hardware store.

We did three new worktop fits this week so with that and the extra work I' have been doing on my Kitchen Worktops website, Worktop Magic. Its been a busy week.

For those of you that are interested I just finished writing an article on Cabinet Doors it has details about how to choose a company and how to go about the whole process. You would think it would be easy but there are a lot of people out there that will try to rip you off by giving you a price that's way off the mark.

A nice relaxing weekend in front of me now, I was supposed to be going camping but with the Man Flu I developed yesterday I'm going to stay in and just take Worktop Orders from the comfort of my Sofa.

Will Post Again Soon!